A Spring Style Guide

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A Spring Style Guide for Colder Cities

Spring means something completely different across the world; for one region, the season marks the beginning of summer, and in other instances, spring is merely an extension of winter. Sometimes it’s difficult to appreciate all the things the season is meant to bring when the “new beginnings” are just a reminder of the cold winter blues you long suffered from as your warmest coats still remain hanging in your closet. Around February to April is usually when “fashion limbo” is the strongest, according to Blonde Expeditions, so what can we do now to redeem our style?

It’s hard to love what you wear when you’re not prepared for the elements, but no matter how many articles of clothing you’ve got on, you should always love what you wear, which is what leading women’s retailers such as Woman Within remind us that we should feel comfortable in the clothes we put on. The weather might still be chilly, but that doesn’t mean our attitude towards our wardrobe should differ too much.

So if the weather has still got you down, here are a few ways to perk up your style as you wait for warmer temperatures:
Wear a slouchy sweater over a maxi dress It may still be rather cold to completely bare your legs, but a maxi gives you enough coverage to still keep you warm. Smart Girls Group say that a warm knit or any slouchy sweater on top will give you that “cosy chic” vibe that is much needed this season.
Use pastels as your neutrals One of the quintessentially spring textiles, introduce these fun colours into your wardrobe by treating them as your neutral tops or bottoms.
Switch your dark overcoats with lighter coloured ones Outer layers are still necessary this time of year, but instead of opting for your usual black leather jacket or tweed coat, try sticking with light hues on top, like an army green utility jacket with a softer silhouette, as demonstrated by Refinery 29.

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Brown Sugar Marbled Nutella Cookies

My first baking post! I'm actually an avid baker now that I have weekends free. I use to be a pro at making brownies in my teenage years too, people would often request them instead of presents, but right now, I am digging the brown sugar cookies. I don't know why I love them so much, but whenever they have been made, they haven't lasted long. Plus I love nutella, but I hate waiting around for recipes, so I kinda just threw a load of mixture into a bowl and here we are.

Ingredients - Makes around 20 cookies
250g softened butter
375g brown sugar
2 tea spoons of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of salt
1 egg
300g plain flower
1 teaspoon of baking powder
2 tablespoons of nutella

1. Preheat oven to 180°C (fan assisted). Prepare baking tray with either greaseproof paper or butter.
2. Cream the butter, salt, vanilla extract and brown sugar in a bowl together.
3. Add in your egg and combine the mixture.
4. Sift flour and baking powder into your bowl and mix together until totally combined.
5. Check your mixture; if it's too sticky, add in more flour, too dry, add in a splash of milk.
6. Drop in your spoonfuls of nutella. Fold them into the mixture using your hands. Keep going until your dough looks like it has veins of nutella running throughout.
7. Take ping pong sized balls of the mixture and place onto the baking tray. Flatten the tops down to ensure a good spread.
8. Cook for 11-14 minutes depending on size of cookie. You want it to be crunchy on the edge and chewey in the middle, so take them out before they fully cook.

And there we go! This was my second time at making them. The first looked more veiny with nutella, but these guys tasted a lot better. Send me any photos if you do make them!
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New In: The Body Shop Eldon Square

The Body Shop is potentially one of my favourite places in Eldon Square; not only because the staff are absolutely hilarious, but you can tell all of them love their job. Something which I think, coming from a background in retail, is often really hard to find.  I popped down earlier on last month to have a snoop around the new products and pick up a few things.

First of all, the shop has had a bit of a refit. Now, if you don't frequent the store, you may not have realised the change, but I think has made a massive difference. The store seems brighter and, most importantly, they now have a cute little sink next to all the scrubs. Hand massage? Yes please!

Of course, most of you will be here for the products, and I for one love a good TBS release. The biggest new range is The Drops of Light range, which has a delightful mix of red algae and Vitamin C to help boost the skin. I ended up picking up the new day cream, as my regular Vit C one, which Dan has 100% claimed, wasn't quite cutting the mustard on my skin. So far I love it, but I'll do a full review in a few weeks time.

Another exciting launch was the new essence lotions. I had never heard of these before, so was pretty curious on what on earth they were. Huge in the Asian market, essence lotions are your post cleanser/pre serum to provide a boost to your current regime. I know I know, another step, but here me out. The Vit E Aqua Boost feels incredible on the skin, giving the extra boost of moisture in such a thin light layer. It's thicker than I anticipated, but I've found the boost welcomed in the morning to my slightly parched skin.

And if all this sounds totally overwhelming, the guys in store know everything, and have a nifty little iPad which will recommend everything you need in store. Which is everything, because it's all great. Bonus if you made it this far; pop in store and mention my blog name for a plethora of samples. You have been warned.
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