Home Wishings

I'm in the mood to change a lot of my furniture. Don't ask me where this has come from, I think it's from seeing people move houses, but I really want to spruce things up. I think living in rented accommodation means, whilst I'd love to rip everything out, paint it white, I must embrace magnolia. Luckily, all our furniture is our own, so were able to pick and choose as we please.

I really want a radio, and in keeping with the previous theme, I don't know where that urge has come from. Since finishing uni, I've found a little bit of noise in another room actually helps me focus. The Roberts radios are the cutest things since sliced bread, and I love it in both cream and duck egg blue. To keep with a cool home theme, I really like this copper pendant light. If I had the right kitchen, I think this would be perfect, but I think it would really look lovely in the living room.
I also love the industrial theme, so this bookcase would be perfect. Currently I have a billy bookshelf from IKEA that I don't really love anymore, so maybe this would be the perfect new fit? Going along more I adore this set of drawers, aren't they pretty? Why do I like copper so much,? I blame pinterest.
Finally, plants. I adore this planter with all my heart, but at nearly £90, there is no way I'm getting it. Might look around for something similar as it's just dreamy. But to go into whatever pot I choose, I really want a Swiss cheese plant. Yep, best name ever. They don't require much care, which is great as I tend to kill plants pretty quickly. But they look so perfect. Need!

So what home things are you after? I'm going to need a bigger place soon...
chloe witty


Modern Psychology

How many times do we hear people saying "oh I'm so OCD about cleaning?", "that person is a psycho" and "I'm so depressed right now". In our real life and online conversations, we tend to hyperbole our emotions, to make them seem funny and somewhat outlandish. But people everyday suffer with mental health problems and various forms of mental illnesses, yet we make them cute, and try to find a way to make them relatable.

Psychology, and it's surrounding topics, are creeping into popular culture more and more. There are films based on split personality, psychopaths and whole host of other behaviours, yet very few of them portray an accurate person with mental health problems.

Some of you know, I've done two degrees in psychology. This doesn't make me a world renowned expert, but I do have some knowledge on these topics. I want to introduce a new series on the blog, an area to present information relevant to mental health as a platform for other people to understand different illness as what they are, and not as the butt of a joke.

I'm going to start off with anxiety, as I feel this topic is everywhere right now. I have a list as long as my arm of topics I want to discuss, but I'm open to suggestions. Let me know!
chloe witty


Striped Trousers


Man, I need to work on my poses. You can tell I'm wholly out of practice. Plus, and if you'll excuse the self-indulgence of this opener, I was also having a really bad hair day. For some reason my hair exploded in frizz, it's sorted now but I have no idea why it happened. 

Okay to the outfit. I have discovered in recent months that I am a trousers girl. I don't know when this started, but I cannot get enough of a good statement trouser. These Topshop ones were exactly what I was looking for when searching for a pair of striped trousers - which, trust me, was a much harder mission than I ever envisioned. They are comfy, light, and will go perfectly with big jumpers as the weather changes. I will say, I recommend sizing up. I'm normally a 10, but these were super uncomfortable around the crotch area, so I got a 12 instead. 

I'm also into chokers, but that's another post or I'll run out of content.
chloe witty