a non offensive navy eye

Its that time of year when we are all required to go to staff parties and the internal debate always rises; how much glitter is too much glitter? Its so tempting (and downright easy) to go for a smokey eye just to prove to everyone that you can fit the entire naked palette on your lids, but perhaps not the best way to go. I was at my managers party the other night and chose an old zara dress to wear (see this archaic post here). But its nay, and I had no idea what to go for on my eyes. Typically, I dashed over to google and searched for some inspo and finding this gorgeous navy eye look. So I decided to do it on myself.

I grabbed my trust NARSissit palette and used 3 shades from there. On lid, I applied Bad Behaviour, a deep pewter shade and annoyingly the only LE shade in the palette, with a flat topped eye shadow brush and packed it on fairly heavily. Then I used Dogon #2 in the crease, which is a much more navy colour with a slight shimmer running through it. Taking a fluffy brush, I blended these two colours together to get a nice bit of definition running through. I took a clean flat brush and put Fez along my water to create a bit of contrast and complement my blue eyes. Seriously, if you have blue eyes you need Fez in your life, the most perfect colour! I slicked on some eyeliner, as per, and then added lashing of Rimmel Accelerator Endless to finish it all off.

Ta-Da! What do you think? Do you think you'll be trying this?
chloe witty



underrated MAC lipsticks

MAC have a hold of people in a way no other make-up brand have ever seem to capture. I'm a little late on a the MAC bandwagon as we never had a counter in Hull (still do not as far as my knowledge goes) so moving up to Newcastle I was overwhelmed by the amount of choice there was. I'm still working my way through the dream list of products I want to own, but here are a couple of lipsticks I don't really hear people talking about as much as they deserve credit for:

PEACH BLOSSOM (LEFT): I bought this on a total whim one day. Innocently swatching away and knew this was perfect. Its a gorgeous cool pinky nude which flatters my skin tone perfectly. MAC says its frosted but I would more say its just a gorgeous shimmer. A must try people!

SHANGHAI SPICE (RIGHT): This lipstick is what inspires this post. I have never heard anyone mention this lipstick but people you need this!!! Call it the grown up sister of Shy Girl, a bit more intense colour with a peachy undertone, I just love it. It may have taken the number one spot right now. This was LE but released into the permanent collection and oh my, it is love.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? I'm still scared by brights so nudey suggestions on a postcard please
chloe witty


a birthday night a lane7

So on Wednesday, I turned 22. I was a bit of a loss this year as for what to do for my birthday. I really didn't fancy a proper night out, but I did want to do something. The something ended up being Lane7, and a pretty good something it was.

If you haven't been, Lane7 calls itself 'boutique bowling'. It has 2 floors of bowling alleys, and not a screaming child or glaring neon in sight. Ideal. We played a game of bowling first, plus having a mojito and a beer, and I was thrashed. Seriously, I thought I was meant to win on my birthday? Next we ate food. Oh my word, the food. We ordered the loose ends and trimmings, and this is what we were presented with. Its a bucket full of nachos, pork, chicken and ribs. Holy moley it was incredible. We were in a food coma for at least half an hour. Finally, we moved upstairs and had game of ping pong. Again, lost horribly. Dang it.

Overall, my birthday was pretty darn good! And I totally recommended Lane7. Just look at that food. MMMMM
chloe witty