Unnecessary Home Purchases


I 100% did not need to buy these. At all. Completely ridiculous purchase. But I love them. Is that odd? Probably odd. Like I've mentioned before, Dan and I are updating the flat a little and one thing I've always wanted on display is salt and pepper mills. I honestly sound crazy and I am aware of this, but here me out. They're copper, and don't look like they are from the 1970's.

I've officially lost it. But I swear they are cool goddammit. 
chloe witty


Long Lasting Base

After 4 years+ of working in retail, I can tell you I am the queen of making my make-up last all night. The best skill - avoiding topping it up. I can't fight shine forever, but after a 12 hour shift I'm still taking off foundation with a cotton pad, whose the real winner here?

I'm a huge fan of primers. Since the day I discovered how much longer they can make your face last, I've never gone without. My favourite range is by Laura Mercier, and especially the radiance formula which really give your foundation a boost. I'm not a fan of totally matte formulas, which seems funny considering the next product, so I love putting this on so I look as glowy as possible, but without looking greasy.

Next layer is the L'Oreal foundation, which has been a bit of a favourite recently. It sticks around like glue and isn't as matte as the branding make its out to be. I'd say it was more of a satin finish. It isn't about to win anything in the extreme glow department, but it also ensures your face still has some dimension to it. The MUFE concealer is a must, I mean it's ruddy waterproof what else do you want?

The MUFE powder is a proper setting powder, not a finishing powder. It really helps lock in your make-up and doesn't ruin your attempt at making everything else glowy. Only side point is that you shouldn't wear this if you're going to have photos taken as it does have some flashback on camera. Otherwise, this is a solid powder entry and makes your skin look poreless. Can I get a hell yeah?

Finally is my newest discovery, setting sprays. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I always brushed them off as a non-necessary ending to a make-up routine but since adding this in, my face is staying exactly where it's meant to. I'm wholly addicted to spritzing a bit of this in the morning, it's really refreshing!

So there we are, the extensive long lasting base. What are your techniques?
chloe witty


Valentines Day with New Look

: Katie Atherton

I 100% went overboard with photos on this post, but I really like this dress. It's this really lovely material which is perfect for a swing dress, mostly because its quite weighty so doesn't fly up at inappropriate moments. I should probably make some sort of droll link here to Valentine's Day, but I'm above that, I swear (not).

New Look have put together an edit of their favourite choices for Valentines Day, including underwear (ooh la la), home wear, heels, dresses, you name it! They have some adorable stock ready to go. I loved both this dress and the adorable scalloped bag. It's a bit of a Mary Poppins bag as I managed to stuff a ton in it.

I know Valentines Day isn't everyone's favourite holiday, but I think it's a cute day to remind your loved one that you still think they are alright. I'd give Dan a solid 10/10 for still putting up with me, especially through my masters. Quite the trooper.

Let me know what you think of the OOTD. You've had a lot of these recently, I hope you appreciate it.

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