The M&S Beauty Advent Calendar


In the last couple of years, the concept of a beauty advent calendar have shot to the top of consumers wish lists, and I've missed out on plenty in previous years. Most of the time, they are crazy expensive, but this years M&S calendar really caught my eye, and it had an insanely reasonable price tag. Housed inside this gorgeous purple and red box, is £200 worth of goodies.

A quick service announcement; This has totally sold out online, however, some store may still have it in! Last weekend my friend also picked this up in Eldon Square, with quite a few boxes left, so if you do want this, you best hurry!

What advent calendars have you got this year? I still have a chocolate one because, you know, chocolate.
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A Week of Big Things

It's been quite a while since I sat down and had a good old type. I scheduled a ton of posts in advance as I knew the next few weeks were going to be hectic, and I didn't realise quite so when I planned everything out. There is some good, exciting things to tell you about, but I also want to discuss Paris.

Paris, the amazing, incredible city, was struck by terror attacks on Friday 13th. I'd been moaning on the morning about the University system going down and how I couldn't get access to my building to drop off work for moderation, and by the evening everything was just trivial. People had died, not only in Paris but in Lebanon, over attacks from ISIS. My Facebook and Twitter feed were full of activity, condemning the terrorists, supporting Parisians in their plight, and arguing with xenophobic racists. I was hooked on the developments, worse than a CSI episode. But it has also made me feel so desperately sad. When something like this happens, it reminds us that war isn't as far away as we would like, and that people we love could be so easily harmed by a vile organisation. I found it hard to go on Facebook for a few days. Maybe I'm lucky in the people I choose to be friends with, but so much of my feed were people trying to defend Islam, to remind those with closed minds that an entire religion is not responsible for death. Is every white person responsible for colonialism and slavery? No. So why should Islam have to defend themselves when 0.03% of their population are part of an extreme organisation. I put the phone down for most of Sunday, and socialised with friends, to remind myself not all is wrong with the world, and we can all help it in our own way.

Now I do want to end a slightly happier note, and to explain why last week was such an exciting week, even though it feels overshadowed by the sadness of Friday. On Monday 9th, I got my master's result, and I am ecstatic to say I got a distinction! I feel so proud of myself and the work I submitted. I often beat myself up and convince myself that I'm not that smart, so I can't tell you the confidence boost this gave me. I still feel all fluttery writing that I have a distinction level masters. Its so utterly bizarre.
The 10th marked my final shift at ODEON, after being a member off staff there for over 4 years. I want to write a much longer post about my experience in retail and what it taught me, but all I can say is I'm glad I've left. I was done with retail, and done with that place. Not to say I wouldn't work in a shop again, but definitely time to make career progress, rather than make cheese for 9 hours straight.
Finally, on the 12th was my 23rd birthday in which I got myself a car. Since starting a new job I needed to get one, and now I own a little Ford Ka! Its adorable and I already love it so much. I've been able to drive since I was 17, but never got round to owning my own car, I always shared with parents. But now, my little beep beep is all mine. Which is also terrifying as I swear I'm not adult enough for this. Dan got my tickets to go see the Harry Potter play in 2017, which I am so stoked about!! Cannot wait for it, already, like 2 years in advance.

Anyway, long post. Tell me how you guys are! What's been going on with you? Discuss. I love to hear from you. 
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Two New MAC Purchases

Sold at Debenhams, John Lewis and all MAC counters

You know when you throw caution to the wind and say screw it, I'm buying new make-up. After finishing my masters, I decided I wanted to treat myself and downsize my makeup. Now I know you're all saying "Chloe, buying isn't downsizing". But in this context, it actually is- or at least that's how I'm rationalising it to myself. I actually got rid of two palettes, where the most used colours were similar to the MAC shadows. So you see, buying can be downsizing, but more of that on a later post.

MAC Era: This is a shadow that I have never heard anyone discuss, but I always go with my gut instinct when buying anything at MAC. If I pick it up, I probably like it! Era is described as a soft golden beige with shimmer. To me, it's  the shadow version of Groundwork, giving a mix of taupey goodness, with a golden shimmer running through. The shimmer is almost undetectable, but I adore it. If you like grunge looks, this could be a perfect everyday eyeshadow.

MAC All That Glitters: This feels like a blogger cliche, and it is, but with good reason. I really didn't want to love this as much as I do, but I adore it. I slowly got into using pink eyeshadows after falling in love with NARS Nepal in the NARSissit palette. It has an all over beige colour but with strong peach undertones from the shimmer running through it. The glitter doesn't look offensive and makes the perfect everyday eyeshadow. It's love!

I still have 9 spaces left in my palette, what else do I need?
chloe witty