The Post Grad Catch Up: Panic Phase

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GOOD MORNING CAMPERS. I feel like I've stepped into a new phase of my masters, which is just pure panic. After completing the "first half" (I say that in quotations because all I've done so far is get the first half of my marks for the degree), my thesis looms. The deadline is approaching far too quickly, and that terrifies me. I'm not very good at open-ended, and right now I'm waiting for a lot of loose end to tie together so I can get my project moving but it's not happening quick enough, for my liking anyway. 

I've also realised how close that leaves me to the end of my educational plan. I mean, after this, I need a job. I'm done with working in retail now, I've been in it since I was 16. I'm ready to make real career progress, but after applying for a bunch of jobs and hearing back from one (which you know, was a rejection), it doesn't fill you with confidence. I have a plan if all else fails, but hopefully I can get a relevant job. 

Work has also been hectic. There's been some changes in the system which means things haven't really altered for the better for me, but I can't discuss it further. We've also been massively busy with the release of Jurassic World and in the next couple of days Minions will also be out. Why do they busy films wreck my schedule?!

Did I mention that my thesis is 50% of my mark? Bricking it.
chloe witty

ps, if you are a potential employer reading this, I am an excellent person and you should hire me. Thank you.


Sohe Jesmond


Sometimes, lunch times call for a glass of prosecco and some Asian cuisine. In all honesty, I wish more lunches called for fancier food, but my budget doesn't stretch that far. However, Sohe in Jesmond have an amazing lunch deal going on; one dim sum and one bahn mi with a glass of prosecco for £8.90. I popped in a few days ago to try it out.

Firstly, can we just say the decor is amazing? The inside is so beautifully done out, I can imagine on an evening it looks stunning! The menu for lunch is quite small, but well formed. I picked the squid chips which a plum dip, and my friend had the pork and prawn rolls. Both of them were incredible, and the dip mine came with was heavenly. I could have taken a bucket home of the stuff. For the bahn mi, I had the skewered duck and Katie had teriyaki glazed beef. Both were just incredibly tasty and I inhaled the food off my plate. The chips were quite spicy, but I still managed to wolf them down. We also decided to have a couple of cocktails because, well, why not! We ordered some prawn and shrimp crackers to nibble on, and I got to sample the incredible cocktail of the summer, The Pearl of the Orient. It's a blend of vodka, lychee, mint and all other good things, totally recommend getting one.

Overall, a really great and a little different for a bit of lunch. I really loved it and I think I'll be going back for more! Have you ever been to Sohe?
chloe witty


Recent Beauty Favourites

I miss doing YouTube videos where every month I tell you what I've been loving. But with limited time, I guess I'll just have to take pretty photos instead, such a shame. Its been a while since I update you on products so grab a brew, you're in for the long haul.

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer: If you can notice from the picture, I've almost used this up and had to cut the lid off. No shame! I love this primer under my next favourite for adding a bit of a boost. It can look a bit crazy when first applied, but when foundation goes on, it makes everything look beautiful!

L'Oreal Infalliable 24Hour Matte Foundation: From my review the other week, this should be no surprise. I won't go into too much detail as I already have, but it's pretty much the perfect base!

The Balm Mary-Lou Minizer: The stuff is incredible. A finely milled shimmer which makes cheekbones look ethereal. I love this stuff and have been applying it daily since I got it at Christmas.

Illamasqua Hollow: The best pale contour shade. It manages to look like it isn't even there, creating cheek bones that don't exist. Dreamy.

Make Up Forever HD Powder: The perfect powder for when you don't want your foundation to shift an inch. I often use this on days when I'm on long shifts, to create the perfect base sandwich. It does make you very matte, so beware!

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella: This will be getting its own post soon, but I freaking love this lipstick. Its the first time I've worn a red and felt comfortable in it. It's insanely long lasting and doesn't bleed out, incredible!

Gosh Lipliner in Nougat Crisp: The Kylie Jenner lip trend will hopefully die down soon, but until then, I actually really like pinky brown lips. On me, it almost looks like I'm wearing a dark lip but not at the same time. Bizarre, but it works.

Benefit Rollerlash: We all know Benefit love a hype when a new product comes out, and I was really intrigued by their newest mascara. The brush has really tightly packed plastic bristles which manage to comb the eyelashes out. I got a sample, used the sample to death, and then well, what else are Boots points for right?

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette: A surprise new entry from an old favourite. I've been particularly loving a certain eyeshadow within the palette (10 points if you guess which one). Its surprisingly well pigmented and managed to make a great everyday budget palette.

What have you been loving recently?
chloe witty