Modern Psychology

How many times do we hear people saying "oh I'm so OCD about cleaning?", "that person is a psycho" and "I'm so depressed right now". In our real life and online conversations, we tend to hyperbole our emotions, to make them seem funny and somewhat outlandish. But people everyday suffer with mental health problems and various forms of mental illnesses, yet we make them cute, and try to find a way to make them relatable.

Psychology, and it's surrounding topics, are creeping into popular culture more and more. There are films based on split personality, psychopaths and whole host of other behaviours, yet very few of them portray an accurate person with mental health problems.

Some of you know, I've done two degrees in psychology. This doesn't make me a world renowned expert, but I do have some knowledge on these topics. I want to introduce a new series on the blog, an area to present information relevant to mental health as a platform for other people to understand different illness as what they are, and not as the butt of a joke.

I'm going to start off with anxiety, as I feel this topic is everywhere right now. I have a list as long as my arm of topics I want to discuss, but I'm open to suggestions. Let me know!
chloe witty


Striped Trousers


Man, I need to work on my poses. You can tell I'm wholly out of practice. Plus, and if you'll excuse the self-indulgence of this opener, I was also having a really bad hair day. For some reason my hair exploded in frizz, it's sorted now but I have no idea why it happened. 

Okay to the outfit. I have discovered in recent months that I am a trousers girl. I don't know when this started, but I cannot get enough of a good statement trouser. These Topshop ones were exactly what I was looking for when searching for a pair of striped trousers - which, trust me, was a much harder mission than I ever envisioned. They are comfy, light, and will go perfectly with big jumpers as the weather changes. I will say, I recommend sizing up. I'm normally a 10, but these were super uncomfortable around the crotch area, so I got a 12 instead. 

I'm also into chokers, but that's another post or I'll run out of content.
chloe witty


Chanel Candeur Et Experience Quad

Sold at Boots, Debenhams & other Chanel Counters

I am never one for limited edition products. Don't know why, but if something is LE, I'm normally put off. What if I love it, and I can never get it again? Travesty. But when I saw this quad creeping on social media, I felt my legs go wobbly. This is my grunge palette of dreams friends. I'm always after something that makes me look like I'm in an early 90's band, and I think this ticks the box.

It was the red, bizarrely, that made me want this palette. I don't own a single red eye shadow because I'm not Gerard Way. But something about this made me think I could work it. The shadows are silky smooth, and blend like a dream. I'm absolutely enamoured with the look it creates. A soft smudgey everyday grunge. Like, is that even a thing? If not, I'm trademarking it.

If you can afford to drop £40 on 4 eye shadows, or use all your Boots points like me, then I wholeheartedly recommend this little quad. I'm in love.
chloe witty