Looking Back: March & April

Well, hello gang. I always want to start these posts off by saying "it's been awhile, hasn't it?", and in fact this time it has been more than a while. Nearly 2 months since I last penned a post and it's not for want a of trying. Buckle up, this may be long.

First and foremost here, I got a job. Not like in the last post I wrote in February where I picked up another casual contract, but an actual job job. I'm now an Assistant Psychologist, which is absolutely crazy. If you don't come from a psych background, it'll be a little hard to understand, but these jobs are like gold dust. I'm not going to say I'm lucky, because I've worked hard to get here, but I feel so relieved to know I have some security now, especially as the Monday just gone was my last labs class, so no more teaching hours.
Getting a job has taken some adjusting to. The last time I did this many hours a week, I normally didn't start until 12/1, and now I have to embrace a 6.40 alarm most mornings. The first week I was floored, and kept going to bed at half 9 to sleep enough. I'm starting to get into more of a comfortable routine now, which has involved a diet overhaul, so I'm feeling much more positive and in a really good place in my home life right now.

However, leading me nicely onto my next point, I can't say I feel the same about blogging. It's really hard to write this in some ways, but I've felt very frustrated about the blogging community recently. So much fakery seems to be around every corner, which people buying fake followers, bad brand management and stuffy PR's; part of me felt I never want to type again, shut down the blog and continue my life lurking on the internet forevermore. I tried to "get" instagram and really struggled. I tried a theme and hated myself for it, so I have no idea where to go with it now. I've got over my strop slightly, as I was super salty after not being invited to an event recently, and feel that I should get back on it. Once I have officially finished marking in months time, I'm going to need an outlet, so be prepared.

Finally, congrats if you have made it this far, I'm thinking of a full overhaul on the blog. Don't love the look anymore, so I'm thinking of moving over to WordPress pretty soon. What do you like to read on blogs/this site? I have plenty to talk about!

Big thanks to Amy, Katie and Helen over the last few months for keeping me inspired and letting me rant about life; you are good eggs.
chloe witty


Roll Neck Attempt 2



Jesmond Dene Afternoon Tea


A couple of weeks back now, gosh I'm a bad blogger, Helen and I popped along to Jesmond Dene House to try their afternoon tea. I love afternoon tea. I love tiny food, as anyone who knows me from events tends to realise, and any excuse to drink copious amounts of tea and a devour a tower of food is basically my jam (pun semi-intended). 

The sandwiches were a delight and I ate the lions portion of our selection. My favourite part of afternoon tea is the scones. My biggest pet hate is raisins, don't know what but I just despise them, but luckily JDH provide you with a nice mix, including plain. Score. Finally the cakes, oh boy oh boy oh boy the cakes. The orange and chocolate macaron was an instant hit with me, obviously, followed by the lemon cake. You have never seen me eat so fast.

If you're in the north and fancy a spot of tea, then book a table here. I wholly recommend it!
chloe witty