The Hangry Jumper

This isn't about to win any awards as most fashionable jumper, but when I saw it, I had to buy it. Hangry literally defines me so well, hungry and angry. At work, they know past 8 not to speak to me, as by that point I tend to get pissed off at the smallest of things. So when I saw this jumper, I knew it had to be mine.

Of course, it sold out incredibly quickly. However, not all is lost as there are some alternatives. eBay pretty much came out with some dupes almost instantly (link here), so you can still proudly claim your hungerness across your chest, for a little cheaper too.

What do you think of the "Hangry" jumper?
chloe witty



Staying Focused

After spending the last few weeks writing some hideous assignments, I feel that I've learnt a lot more on staying focused when your brain is essentially mush. It happens, its a thing. But, there are some useful ways that I have now picked up to help keep me focused when I am just not feeling like doing any more work.

Make A Plan (Or A List)
No idea where you're going with this? No, me neither. But regardless, you're going to have to do it anyway. I like to grab a notebook and write what I need to do down, and somehow it never seems as much as I think I need to do.

Sticky Notes Errwhere
I love a good sticky note. Like, I really do. This kind of goes with the list point, but I often use it when I have spur of the moment ideas, like what to stick in the conclusion to make it look like I totally understand whats going on right now. I don't but you know.

Stay Hydrated
Something I always forget, you need to drink water. Or tea, or basically some form of non-fizzy liquid. I tend to get really bad headaches during the day, and then when I actually think about it, its because I've drank anything since the morning. Oops. I've been using this Water-To-Go Bottle* and having it on my desk to remind me to keep drinking water. Sometimes I feel all artsy and stick a wedge of lemon in it too. But mine isn't great for travelling as it does seem to leak a little.

Hide The Crisps, Buy The Fruit
I'm a snacker. I like snacks. And if they are in the house, I'm going to eat them. So when essay time rolls around, I try not to buy crisps and the like, and just buy in fruit or healthy snacks. Then at least I know I aren't going to be tempted by eating an entire bag of sensations to myself. Because I can do that, and I feel no shame.

Try A New Setting
Throughout the three years of my undergrad, I never did work at Uni, at all. I hated the library and the people in there who were out to just be loud and piss me off. But this year has already been kind of different. Everyone on my course (go team MRes) get on really well, so we all tend to meet up at Uni to do work. Doing this has actually boosted my productivity massively. I normally can't do work in an afternoon, but going in and seeing everyone has meant I can still focus later on in the day. Result.

If All Else Fails, Leave The Computer
After damaging my coccyx last year from being sat down to much, which is a real thing apparently and so so painful, its good to leave the computer and move. It can be something simple like walking to the shops, giving yourself some paper time, or even, if your so inclined, doing some exercise.

Hope this helped you. And now, I need to stick to my own advice.
chloe witty

Side note: This isn't sponsored by water-to-go at all. I kind of forgot it was a PR sample and decided I should mention it, cause you know, only polite. And they sent me free stuff like come on. 


Zoeva Brushes


New make up brushes. Is there a better thing? Probably. But for Christmas I knew there was a high chance I was getting some, and I could not have been more excited. ZOEVA isn't really a brand I have delved much into, but since everyone and their mother seems to rave about them, I decided to launch myself on a bandwagon. Plus, they are not crazily priced so why the heck not.

Each of the brushes are incredibly soft. Everything except for the luxe highlight brush is vegan bristles, and even that is a mix of synthetic and natural hair. Each pick up product exceptionally well and achieve the desired effect. My personal favourite is the 318 brush as I currently use this for my brows. The handle is really bulky meaning its easy to hold, but the bristles are thin enough to get a really sharp shape. The powder brush distributes product really evenly all over the face. Which is great because my last brush just seemed to deposit it in one spot alone. The 229 makes eyeshadow life SO easy. A little blend and bam, you're smokin'. The luxe highlight may be the softest out of all of the brushes. Oh man, feels so good on the face. I've been using it heavily the Mary-Lou minizer and y'all know that super shimmery.

TLDR; good price, excellent brushes
chloe witty