Instagram used to be all about spontaneity - now, it's all about curated images which fit in a theme

I love scrolling on Instagram. It's potentially one of my favourite platforms, that or Twitter, but recently, I've found posting on it hard. Instagram has become a platform of beautiful curated images which fit into a perfect theme. This has made me feel left behind. 

For me, Instagram used to be about spontaneity. Taking a photo of your breakfast in front of you, where you were, a recent purchase mayhap. Now, no. Photos are carefully selected and taken on high quality cameras, with a matching colour theme. I'm always stunned because who has time for that?! Well it's not me and the feeds that do it always look incredible. But this is further part of branding. There incredible photos sometimes make me doubt the reality of the post. How many photos did that take? How long did you edit it for before it would be uploaded? It just doesn't feel real.

I thought when I got a new phone I would be more inclined to post on Instagram. The S6 has an incredible camera that makes everything oh so crisp. Yet, I've still been put off it. Why? My photos never feel as good as they could; that posting something on Instagram which doesn't have white walls or a dreamy setting is somehow a failure? Its a complicated set of feelings about something non-consequential. But here we are, talking it over.

I'm feeling more proud about my photography. I always doubt I have the "photographer eye" that so many of my amazing pals do. One day, I think I'll get there, but I've not been exactly gifted in photo taking. But I want to know from you guys, how do you feel about Instagram? Do you feel it's real anymore? I certainly don't, but I'll still keep looking at it. 
chloe witty


Camel Coat/Leather Trousers


On my list of things that I have really wanted for a long time is both a pair of leather trousers and a camel coat. Camel coats are super in right now, but tend to be crazy expensive. I got this one from Missguided in the build up to Christmas for the whole of £17.50, which realistically you can't go wrong with. It fits pretty well, albeit slightly tight across my back, but the next size up would have drowned me. 

The next thing was a pair of leather trousers to add a bit of something to my wardrobe. I felt I was lacking alternative to jeans (and I am very much a pair of jeans girl) that wasn't structured trousers. They aren't actual leather, but pleather. The inside coating is actually really soft so there isn't a worry of a Ross in Friends moment happening, which is always a bonus!

I actually really love this combo, and it felt kind of different for me. I've been wearing the khaki top non-stop because it's so comfy but looks put together. Which is a win-win situation here.

What do you think of the outfit? Ps I know my top is creased I accept this lets move on together. 
chloe witty
Pps Whilst taking these photo I discovered that my trousers didn't have pockets, cue horrified face


Looking Back: January

A few years ago, I used to do weekly round ups, which were quite the thing at the time I'll have you know. Now, I think I'm going to move them over to a more monthly format and (try) to remember what I've done. I say try, my memory is like a sieve.

January is truly a nothing month. I've spent most of the month in lounge wear waiting for shifts or teaching to start back up again. I'm back into the swing of both now, and luckily I don't have any marking for a few weeks. Seriously, marking students work takes it out of you. I feel exhausted after reading two scripts. When you have a big pile, that's not really the way you want to be going. But, I have done some fun things and spent a lot of time with pals.

I persuaded Dan to watch Making a Murder and I know everyone has said this but if you haven't watched it, its an absolute must. I was hooked from episode 1. It did drop my attention around episode 6, it gets very court heavy, but I still adored it all. The two producers did an incredible job at making the case fascinating, and I'm wondering what will happen to Steven in the future. In similar news, I think it's Adnan Syed's (Serial Season 1) new trial this coming month, so I'll be carefully watching those developments.

We lost Alan Rickman this month, still upset.

Mood this month has not been too good. I've been bored because there's been no shifts at work. Boredom leads to lethargy which leads to feeling down. I've been pushing myself to leave the house once a day and I can tell you it does wonders. I've felt stir crazy at times, considering my previous job I worked like a mad woman. Now taking a back seat makes me feel strange. I've applied for more jobs which make me feel a lot better, and like the semi-productive adult I am (not).

I also want to set myself some mini-goals for February:
        * Leave the flat at least once a day
        * Schedule some tweets - I'm so lazy
        * Get over your insta-phobia (post incoming)
        * Yoga twice a week and keep up eating better

So guys, tell me about your January. Also, what are you looking forward to in February?
chloe witty