Postcards from: A Weekend in Glasgow

A few weekends ago, thought funnily enough I’ve just come back from another trip, Dan and I headed up into Scotland to go see a couple of our friends for the weekend. I’d never been before, but Dan has as his Dad is from there, I was quite excited. I’d heard mixed things about Glasgow and wanted to see if for myself. We started off the weekend by heading to the Kelvingrove Museum to go look smart and admire art (I’m a poet dontcha know). I loved the area with archaic battle armor, there is something oddly beautiful about it all.

Next, we took a walk over to Glasgow Uni, as that’s where our friend had been studying. Seriously, if you get to go to a Uni that looks like this, I hate you. Northumbria looked nothing like this, and I felt like I could have been from Hogwarts. I cannot express my envy! But, we did head down to tantrum doughnuts after I sulked, which was really rather appropriate. I, my friends, would like to die with a doughnut in my hand, and if that doughnut was one of these, I would be very happy. I had a creme brulee one and it was delightful, and last the whole of 20 seconds after this photo was taken.

On the Sunday, we headed out to Glasgow Cathedral nearby. I really love churches. Most of them, especially in our country, are steeped in history. Every time I go tourist somewhere, I always go look. This one was also very pretty, and led us up to the Necropolis. Again, for a girl who is terrified of zombies you may question why I go to graveyards and the short answer is I have no bloody clue. Built on a pretty big hill, it boasts excellent views of the surrounding area. We came back down and headed over to Grafton Street to have a browse, where there is a 2-floor Paperchase. It was heaven.

I’ve also included a small (ha) gallery of my friends cat, as it was impossible to pick one photo as she knows she’s pretty. She is also called Chloe, so I feel like we are kindred spirits, except for the pretty part. I am aware this cat is more beautiful than I.

Hope you enjoyed this style of post! I don’t get to go anywhere exciting often so it was a great little break. I recently got back from seeing the Zelda Symphony Orchestra up there so I’m practically getting frequent flier miles for visiting.

chloe witty
chloe witty