Kitchen Wishlist

Dan and I are getting to the point where we would really like to buy a house. We’ve definitely outgrown our 2 bed flat and after the batch of good weather we’ve been having, I really want some garden space. But the main reason I want my own place is for a bigger kitchen. Right now, our kitchen is tiny, to say the least. With a microwave and toaster already out on the side, we have only a slither of space to prepare food. When we get our own place I really want more gadgets to make our home that little bit more exciting, plus I also really love cooking.

Ladder Shelving

Talks about gadgets, first point is about shelves. But seriously I think a gorgeous set of ladder shelves to store my many cookbooks and pretty kitchen accessories in would be perfect. It’s such a perfect way to display everything and I think fits into a modern kitchen well.

Food processor

I currently own the world’s smallest and weakest food processor right now, and I’d love to get a proper good blender. The Magimix is meant to be the bee’s knees of blending, so I’ll take one thank you very much!


I’m an avid baker and, let’s be honest, nothing beats the KitchenAid mixer. Not only has Bake Off made me want one, but it literally comes in every colour imaginable. So I need it, right?

Bread Maker

Okay, if the smell of fresh bread alone isn’t enough to tempt you on this one, this little beauty can make jam. JAM I TELL YOU. How blooming genius is that? This little Panasonic bread maker literally sounds divine, with the ability to make gluten-free bread, pasta and a bunch of other goodies, it’s top of my list for when I get my own place. Fresh bread every day, can you imagine? I’m dreaming of my future happy carb life.

*collaborative post*

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