Pineapple Pop





I've been trying to experiment with my clothes a little more as I'm feeling my wardrobe is a little bit lacklustre, and especially with the heat wave we had recently I suddenly realised I had very few clothes, especially summer options, that I really liked. I've managed to pick up a few things, but I really loved this adorable pineapple top from Boohoo. Dan calls me a fraud because I don't actually like pineapple, just the shape. Odd I know.

These trousers have taken me through so many job interviews that I need to remember that it isn't their sole purpose. Gingham is super in this season but I don't think you can ignore that classic houndstooth print.

Also, can we discuss the loafers? I need to go into M&S more often because their stock always surprises me. And they are ridiculously comfy. What do you think?

chloe witty
chloe witty