10 Reasons You Know You’re in the North of England








The North-South divide is no jokes guys. I’m always surprised when Southerners say they’ve never visited the glory that is the North of England. So, for those of you who have never visited, or those who are local and want to relate, I present to you: How to know you’re in the North of England

  1. We’re a really friendly bunch

The amount of times people have struck up a conversation with me in the street, on public transport or basically anywhere is pretty common. Most of all, it’s not weird. We have the gift of the gab up here, so come prepared with a few lines of cliché weather comments.

  1. It’s a good few degrees colder

Before I get the Scottish arriving to remind me how much colder they get it, I hear you. But truly, it is always warmer down South. Earlier on this year, you guys were all tweeting about a mini heatwave when it was about 10 degrees cooler up here. Can you not please???

  1. But we still don’t go out without coats

Who wants to pay the fees at bars? Apparently, no one up here. You’ll very rarely see a Northern lass in a coat on a night out, they made of hard stuff. Bring the big coat for daytime, and scrap it for the night.

  1. You’re never more than 500m away from a Greggs at any time

Newcastle even has 24-hour Greggs to show their dedication to pastry. Let me tell you there is nothing greater than stumbling in after drinking some dirty trebles and getting four sausage rolls. It’s the best.

  1. Life is cheaper

Houses, public transport, food etc. Literally everything is so much cheaper. When Dan and I went to London we were totally caught out and ended up paying £10 for a gin and tonic. Nearly threw up! So if you’re visiting, get ready to enjoy the budget life.

  1. The Great British Seaside and Countryside

Alright, you may have the infamous Brighton, but other than that I think we win. Whitby, Scarborough, Bambrough to name a few of our gorgeous seaside towns. And then, of course, we have the epitome of beauty, Yorkshire, Northumberland and The Lakes. Don’t even get me started here, I could go on for weeks about the sheer beauty of it all. It’s the best!

  1. Our accents take some getting used to

I’ve lost some of my excellent Hull accent over the years, which makes me sad, but you can still hear plenty of flat vowels when I speak. I also adore the Geordie accent, which I’ve learnt to accurately translate. There are so many great accents up in the North, Scouse, Brummie, Mancunian, Geordie, Yorkshire to name a few!

  1. The slang can get confusing too

We have regional slang, generational slang, sometimes even tiny villages have slang words that no one else uses. It’s a constant battle to work out what someone is saying, but I love every minute of it.

  1. Those from other countries don’t know where you’re from if it’s not Scotland or London

“Where are you from?” “Hull originally, but now Newcastle” “Is that near London?” “Not at all! It’s the North East!” “So near Scotland…?” “Guess that’ll do…”

  1. We’re the best bunch of people you’ll ever meet

The North is forever the homeland, and is always the best!

Are you from the North? Tell me where your from and if you agree with any of these!