top: topshop

skirt: topshop

never. happy! ahhhhhhhhhhh all my exams are done! so now its a summer of freeeeeedom, hence my title!
i was going to do a post yesterday but i was yelled at to ‘clean the bloody notes all over this house!’ it turns out i literally had notes everywhere. there were some in my room, computer room and even some in the kitchen. not sure why- was probably revising biology and got hungry….
anyway, today i am excited as i get to attack the toppers sale, as i have yet to go! so me and my mum will be popping off to get some new stuff! i bought some shorts from the asos sale, and i will probably put them up soon as a post, once i can find a half decent top to go with them!
i am also excited as ive just ordered the urban decay naked palette off debenhams for £32! that’s including home delivery! i have been dyyyyying to get my hands on it for donks now but nowhere was selling it! finally, its a good investment. i think it just looks fab!
this outfit isnt exactly new, its pretty old in fashion sense, but i still love it!

ciao for now