i need a dollar

Top: Miss Selfridge
Shorts: Topshop
hello blogging world! sorry for being really quiet recently, i thought after exams life would be simpler- but its still as manic as ever. today I’m prepping to go back into college to give back in all my stuff i have ‘borrowed’ over the 2 years I’ve been there. I hadnt realised how much stuff i actually had!!! ima right rebz for taking loads. hehehe.
anyway i’ll tell you abit about the outfit today! the top was in the sales for a respectable £15, down from £32. seriously, i would not have paid 32 for it! its a gorgeous, yes, but 32?! nah that is pricey. these shorts are topshop, and i was in love for soooo long. they were expensive, if i remember rightly, but i love them! great winter and summer piece.
also, guess what came


thats right, my urban decay naked palette <3. it must be love, love love. honestly, its really brilliant. so far i am loving smog. its such a nice colour! i might do a nice little photo post showing all the different colours. yayyy.

ciao for now!