Camel Coat/Leather Trousers





On my list of things that I have really wanted for a long time is both a pair of leather trousers and a camel coat. Camel coats are super in right now, but tend to be crazy expensive. I got this one from Missguided in the build up to Christmas for the whole of £17.50, which realistically you can’t go wrong with. It fits pretty well, albeit slightly tight across my back, but the next size up would have drowned me. 

The next thing was a pair of leather trousers to add a bit of something to my wardrobe. I felt I was lacking alternative to jeans (and I am very much a pair of jeans girl) that wasn’t structured trousers. They aren’t actual leather, but pleather. The inside coating is actually really soft so there isn’t a worry of a Ross in Friends moment happening, which is always a bonus!

I actually really love this combo, and it felt kind of different for me. I’ve been wearing the khaki top non-stop because it’s so comfy but looks put together. Which is a win-win situation here.

What do you think of the outfit? Ps I know my top is creased I accept this lets move on together. 

chloe witty

Pps Whilst taking these photo I discovered that my trousers didn’t have pockets, cue horrified face