Going In for The Chop


Lets be honest here, getting a hairdresser is stressful. I have been an avid user of W Salon in Jesmond for the last couple of years, until recently it got shut down. Which leads the question of where on earth to go next. I took recommendations from friends and was pointed in the direction of Skullduggeri, and  knew this was the place for me.

They have quite a punky style, and a lot of the hairdressers have really vibrant hair colours. I’ve also totally found the hairdresser for me, Andrea, who gets curly hair. Now cutting curly hair isn’t simple because I let it air dry, my cut has to consider the top of my hair is much curlier than the bottom. Andrea always manages to give me such a clean cut, dye it perfectly and make me feel like a new woman.

It isn’t super cheap, but also not out of this world expensive. If you’re in Newcastle and need a cut, have a look here!

chloe witty