Organising My Makeup Stash

A few months ago I hit the proverbial brick wall when it came to my makeup collection. Whilst it isn’t large by any means, it was just a total mess. I could never find anything I want, everything was all over the place and I hated routing through it. So I decided to make a Muji order as a little treat to myself, and spent around £40 on a bunch of their PP organisers and got to work.

Everything is already stored in small Alexa drawers from Ikea; I take up the top three currently with my lil stash. First of all I got everything out and cleaned it all. Smelled everything to see if it had gone off, some had, and then dumped it quickly. I gave the drawers a good clean clean, as my makeup had previously been stored in cutlery dividers, so some products had dropped down and stained them. Once everything was cleaned I chose how I wanted to to arrange my PP organisers. This was actually kind of tricky, and I didn’t get it right the first time, in fact since I’ve taken these photos they’ve changed even more! My main aim was to be able to see all my products, and not stack them on top of each other.

Honestly, it looked so much better. But like I said I’ve changed it even more since then, and I think I’ve finally found how I like to stash it all. Though the collection will probably get larger, much to Dan’s distaste. But I really recommended the PP organisers, they have helped me a ton and look super smart. People are obsessed with them for a reason!

Let me know your tips for organising makeup.

chloe witty