The Art Of Being Negative

Photo Credit: Alice

The blogging world is shrouded in positivity. In so many words, we are often told to only talk about good things; what makes us happy, what we love, things that inspire us and so on. This, in some ways, is a good thing. Those who need that type of post, with zeal and the like, are able to find a post or video so easily that can make all the difference. The issue that arises with this is, well, it’s not real is it? Our lives aren’t always these positive bubbles and therein lies the problem.

If you have the pleasure of knowing me, then firstly, sorry. Secondly, you’ll now I’m not exactly all glitter and smiles. I’ve pretty much always been a somewhat of a cynical person. I love a good moan about anything, I love ranting, and cringe when anyone says something nice to me. Positivity isn’t my forte, and so often I find it hard to engage with the blogging world when the only topic of choice of choice is about being happy. I feel being negative needs a place in the world, and blogging is where it could start.

Social media is rose tinted glasses. Here we are supposed to express our true selves, but does everyone? Instagram is curated feed. God knows crying at 3am eating ice cream isn’t instagrammable (trust me, the lighting is awful it just doesn’t work). It is so easy to compare ourselves to what we see online. If someone only ever posts positive, we can assume without a hint of uncertainty that their life is perfect, right? I’d reckon 99% of the time, we’re wrong. These people’s live we see on social media aren’t perfect, they have their own troubles and problems yet we assume, because we don’t see that see that side, what we want to see. And it creates envy.

Discussing negative feelings online has almost become taboo. We assume those posting about their worries are trying to get attention, desperate to have people tell them that they are amazing and wonderful and have no reason to feel the way they do. I call bullshit. If I post that I’m feeling low, I just want to talk. Not about why I’m sad, because sometimes there isn’t a real reason, and I don’t want to hear that everything is great because that certainly doesn’t help me. In all honesty, it makes me feel worse. We need those channels of communication open, for all of us to feel we can be ourselves online.

We should show all sides of ourselves. The messy and the amazing.

Sometimes I feel sad, and that’s okay. You’re okay, we’re all okay. Let’s talk about it more.

chloe witty