2016: A Review

So I am super late writing this, as I’ve spent a lot of January in not a great place. Lemme tell you how this month has gone. First of all, I got that horrific cold/flu virus that was knocking everyone off their feet. So I had a throat infection/laryngitis/chest infection which was dead cute as you can well imagine. Then as I finally got over that, I managed to cut off a chunk of my finger with a potato peeler. I kid you not. Even more embarrassing, I had to go to A&E for it as it would not stop bleeding. Que a hilarious conversation with the nurses, who were a total delight, in which I call myself stupid, oh I don’t know, like 30 times?

So yes, 2017 started off with a bit of a flump. My mood was chaotic to say the least, but here is my long overdue review of 2016;

2016 is over, and I think I speak for the masses when I say, thank god. This year has felt like the longest and hardest year of my life. I remember joking in January after the death of Alan Rickman that if he was the first to go, how bad could 2016 be? Well my friends, I may have jinxed it for us all as 2016 was honestly disaster after disaster wasn’t it?

I felt I had a lot to look forward to this year; it was my first full year out of education so I was excited by the concept of no more essays. But strangely, without academia to guide me, I’ve often felt a bit lost at times. I think this deserves it’s own blog post so I’ll discuss that a little more later on.

If I put 2016 in terms of successes, then I think you’d ask “Chloe, aren’t you being a tad overdramatic?”. Perhaps; I’ve managed to keep up with some of my goals¬†from last year. I got a very career relevant job, my thesis has been sent for publication and Dan and I have bought a ton more cool furniture. I started working out and I’ve nearly finished my living pokedex. That last point is slightly up for debate however, as a new gen has been released, so you know.

But in general, I felt like this year has been a struggle. I am in a constant reminder that we are in a country which often holds very different values to my own, especially after the devastating Brexit vote. There were bombings in both our neighbouring Europe and the devastation in the middle east as war and conflict continue to destroy homes and families. No news seems to appear the holds any good news, and I feel constantly drained.

I can’t quite put my finger on why this year has felt so crummy, but it really has. 2016 isn’t a year I look back with fondness, even with all the amazing things that have happened. 2016 has really split people, some saying it’s been their best year yet, whilst others hated it. Me? I’m still muddling my way through it all.

However, I am determined for 2017. Tomorrow’s post, I know, 2 posts in 2 days, shock horror, my goals for the next year.

chloe witty