2017 Goals

2017 goals are really going to be starting in February – because February is the new January I hear.

  • Make more career progression
    • The curse of the psychology career is that you constantly need to be pushing forward for new jobs. I’m hoping 2017 will be the year I can get into a more comfortable job and feel slightly more secure.
  • Try new shops
    • Okay, slightly odd one here, but I really need to stop buying from the same three places. Seriously, if you go through my wardrobe, all I buy is ASOS/Topshop/River Island. When I’m out and about with service users, I see cute stuff in other stores, which really reminds me that I need to go elsewhere for my clothes. Just that next day delivery is so easy.
  • Stop procrastinating
    • God I’m my own worst enemy. Especially while the months are so dark I have become hideously lazy and put things off. Even things I want to do, how bad is it. I need to remember to stick on some angry early 2000’s emo tunes and just get on with it. JUST DO IT.
  • Keep pushing with fitness
    • 2016 got me finding my groove with staying fit. I started doing HIIT, yoga, and planned my meals. Now, I need to keep finding motivation. I’ve plateaued recently so I need to give myself some motivation to keep looking good. And not to worry what the scales say, because muscle does weigh more than fat.
  • Treat yo self
    • I don’t earn that much money, so I often find it really hard to rationalise buying myself anything that costs more than £20. I need to put this in perspective, and say, you know what, get that top, you’ll look great in it, and it’ll make you feel better. I know, spending money isn’t the only way to feel positive, but I’ve gone months without buying myself anything. Time to give me something back.
  • Move more
    • In the job I’m currently at, I sit. A lot. Sometimes I don’t even hit 4k steps in a day, which I know isn’t good for my body. If I finish early, I need to get myself out on a little stroll, just so I can keep up productivity. Again, it’s back to the lazy point, I need to be less lazy.

What goals did you set for this year? How are you doing with them? Motivate me.

chloe witty