Colourpop Haul

For ages, I’ve been desperate to place a ColourPop order as their liquid lipsticks are some of the most coveted and daring. Bar you know, Kat Von D (ps I have the urge to buy some of the mad colours, stop me). I really wish we could get more of these brands easily in the UK. I mean, I guess I just want a Sephora over here.

Anyway, back in October, Helen found out that there was free international shipping, so we, Alice and Amy too, decided to drop a small fortune in liquid lipsticks. I picked up Avenue (deep brick red) and Mama (burnt orange). I have to say, on arrival the colours really threw me off. The shade that you see in the bottle isn’t quite what you get on your lips. When I first went to Helen’s to collect them, I knew I had an orange and a red, but mistook all the bottles for pink.

Application is truly where the magic happens. The consistency of both is very wet, but once it sets these guys do not budge. I’ve been wholly impressed with their staying power even after a few drinks. Avenue was cracked out so much over Christmas, and I think Mama is going to look dreamy in summer.

I also picked up a highlighter in Wisp, which has the most gorgeous consistency. It almost feels wet(?) in the pan and give a gorgeous champagne glow. It’s not as glow-getting as something like Becca, but again, for the price, is absolutely lovely.

For the price, $6, I honestly do not think these can be beaten. Have you tried anything from Colourpop?

chloe witty