Curly Hair Care Routine

Curly hair, whilst it seems to be the dream, is the biggest pain. It requires a lot more attention and care that most types, and whilst mine isn’t the curliest, it is a royal pain. So today I thought I’d chat about what products make it look less like a cocker spaniel.

First of all, if you are new to embracing your curls, I really recommend reading about the “curly girl method“. I do an adapted version, as my hair has patches of really thick dry curls and more wavy straight hair, so I have to work in a bit of a balance.

I swear by the Wet Brush. I used to rave until the cows came home about my Tangle Teezer – but the wet brush knocks it out of the park. It just runs through my hair like nothing else, leaving it totally tangle free and smooth. Little tip – if you find your hair breaks really easily, try to stop brushing it dry. I’m only brushing mine when I get it wet in the shower and have notice the world of difference!

My favourite all time shampoo and conditioner come from OGX. I currently use their Coconut Curls, but in all honesty their entire range is just amazing. I’ve used nearly every single one, but their curl focused range is really hydrating and leaves my hair feeling like a herbal essences advert. I also had to look for a purple shampoo which was SLS free, and bought the Milk Shake Silver Shine Shampoo, which is ace. The colour is exceptionally violet and leaves a noticeable ashy tone to my hair.

My hair is also really porous, so I live for oils. Right now, I’m all about the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Hairdresser Oil, but I’ve also loved Moroccan Oil, Ojon and Macademia Oil. I really would say to spend a little more on oils as honestly they are such a key part of my hairs health. I also use Frizz-Ease as without it, my hair is a hot mess. I need me some strong taming in my life.

Heat wise, I only use my GHD hairdryer with a diffuser. It’s a life saver in the morning and give that natural curl.

These are my staples, I have a bunch of deep conditoners and other products, but if you want a stripped down version, this is as close as you’re going to get! How do you take care of your hair?

chloe witty