Too Poor To Blog

It’s early in the year, which means a few things. It’s dark, cold, rainy and I’m bloody skint. When I’m writing this, I’ve just been paid. In all honesty, it almost feels pointless as it goes in one hand and out the other. Content shouldn’t require money, but its easy to want to keep up with the best bloggers and the ones we aspire to be.

I was inspired after watching Lucy’s video a few months back, work with me here I’ve been ill, and found myself nodding along to everything she said. I could never really “haul” clothes, the odd top here and there, a pair of jeans when mine split and so on. Being interested in make-up and fashion, I feel I have to be out regularly buying stuff. Keeping up with trends, looking fashion forward etc. Whilst this isn’t meant to diss anyone that can do that, because I’m pretty jealous, it can be really hard when you feel you are repeating content. Hell, if I ended up posting about what I wore everyday it’d be the same bloody pair of jeans over with just a different top. I am the height of fashion you know.

There is a lot of talk about “fast fashion” and some of it’s unethical practices. It’s easy to run into Primark and spend £20 to buy items to create content with. Which is dumb. I like Primark, I like Topshop, I like ASOS, but I shouldn’t feel obliged to crack out my credit card when I’ve exhausted my wardrobe. And the same goes for beauty content – people want to aspire to be bloggers so I often feel I should be spending money on beauty products to satisfy that. I love more expensive makeup. When I apply it, it makes me feel good. But I have to remind myself, I’m on next to no PR lists, so when I see people showing the new Urban Decay collection or the like, they didn’t spend money to get that. Yes I do realise hard work went into it, but I have begun to normalise spending that much on something, which surely isn’t healthy.

I want this post to lay some foundation. For 20-somethings who work their backsides off, push themselves in education, work low-wage jobs, spending that slither of money you’re left with at the end of the month on clothes can be a real toss up. I love buying stuff, I really do, but I also have to remind myself that what I see online isn’t everything. I almost have to give myself a large does of reality and think “cool it, you’re doing your best”.

Blogging is a hard game, and one that has evolved so much in the 5 years I’ve been involved. We tell anyone can start a blog, but those who have money do have an advantage, they can create regular content in ways that I couldn’t dream of. I know I have privilege, I’m in a job, working, have a roof over my head and all of that. But competition drives me, until I realise I can never compete.

What are you thoughts on this?

chloe witty