Not Quite Pink




It feels like a long time since I sat and wrote a blog post. I had a ton scheduled from January so I haven’t had to write content in ages. In hindsight, it was really helpful as the last few weeks have been mad to say the least. As I haven’t officially posted it on here – I got a new job! Que celebratory noise and confetti. I cannot tell you how relieved I was. I’m going to do a post on the last few months separately but I am so excited. I’ve just finished my first week which has been really enjoyable. I have a bit of impostor syndrome at the moment, but I’m sure once I’m a few weeks in I’ll feel more at ease. I’m also oddly enjoying working in an office, it’s never been a thing before so I like the idea of having colleagues I see, rather than communicating through service notes.

The biggest bonus of the new job is it’s flexible part time hours. I’ve never had a chance to really sit and work on this little corner of the web. I’ve always wanted to dedicate some time properly, but I find evenings I just wanted to wind down, and after work previously I as often too wound up to sit and scribble. But now I work 3 and a half days, it gives me real chance to create some content and keep up with the admin side of things.

Onto content, this jumper has been a staple the last few months. I know blush pink is so in at the moment, but I find it kinda hard to wear. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never really been a pink person or something else, but I’m always conscious about looking too girly. However, this was called “oatmeal” when I bought it and I love it’s ever so slight pink hue. And these pleather joggers give it a big of an edge so I don’t tip over the edge of girly. What do you think?

So there’s my catch up. I’m really excited to feel like I can post without planning months in advance. Hooray! Next challenge, scheduling tweets. Urgggg.

chloe witty