The Hunt For The Perfect Eyeshadow

Brown eyeshadow is my jam. Ever since the first release of the Naked palette I have been on a hunt to find the best brown eyeshadow. If you are Dan reading this, yes hello I do need all my 12 palettes with solely brown eyeshadows because they are all different, honestly.

My main aim is finding an orange brown. As you can see in my Stila palette, I’ve hammered a certain colour. Unfortunately, they don’t sell it separately, so I’m on the hunt for my replacement. You can also see I went hard on Buck (oo er) in the Naked palette too. Don’t tell me I’m a creature of habit.

I picked up the Chanel quad in a hope of finding my perfect brown, but they lack the orangey of the Stila shadow. I also bought MAC Brown Script which was listed as a orange brown but leans much more over to red, so isn’t quite what I was after. Excellent crease colour though. Currently I’m favouring my Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette (not pictured) as it contains some dreamy colours which create a good neutral eye.

Still, I’m on the hunt for an orange. So tell me, what are your favourite eyeshadows? I need a good matte orange brown. Help me!

chloe witty
(ps, do we all remember a time when when the Naked palette was like £26? I nearly had a fit when it said it’s now almost £40!)