Mulit-Masking with The Body Shop



When the new collection of face masks were launched at The Body Shop, I was pretty curious. Not long after my local Body Shop gals, big up Eldon Square, invited me down to have a consultation and chat about which one of the masks would be the right one for me. Whilst I suffer from more oily skin, it’s really dehydrated because I wasn’t drinking much water. Out of the huge possible range of masks, I first decided to pick up the deep nourishing honey mask. Guys, this legit feels like silk on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. I’ve been using it under the eyes a bit too, see in the picture above, as I’m seeing the early signs of wrinkles. Not long after, I went and picked up the charcoal glow mask, as I felt my skin was getting really clogged up. I tend to get areas of congestion around my chin and cheeks so I wanted to get it clear. It almost goes without saying but this mask is excellent. It clears up my skin and gives it such a boost.

For a new set of masks, opening the collection with five was going to be risky. Are they all going to be good? What makes them different? If you go through each one, you can easily see how they all stand apart. I’m also tempted to try the Ginseng and Rice at some point too. From what I’ve tried, and the reviews online, each product is glorious. The price is a little more than the regular range, but I think the honey one will last me a good year or more, and I’ll probably get 10-15 uses from the charcoal mask.

Have you tried any of these masks? Would you want to?

chloe witty