Fitness Files: The Return

Hello fellow gym avoiders, your may once remember this blog discussed fitness. But let me tell you a little story, one you may have already guessed. It all went tits up.

I got into HIIT sessions and was doing them most morning. It started becoming harder to get them done due to work reasons as I’d need to be out the flat really early, and without getting up pre-6am to workout, I started becoming apathetic. Shifts changed, and I didn’t need to be out the flat so early, but I had lost the motivation. I’d seen lazy and started to enjoy it again, so slowly, I was doing shorter sessions, not trying as hard or doing something easier. When Christmas rolled around, that’s when I stopped altogether. I never seemed to find that motivation to get back on it. It was one thing after another until it wasn’t and I had to admit that I didn’t want to do them anymore. They were boring and I couldn’t be arsed.

Fast forward a month or so and my body was looking a lot softer, my IBS was getting worse and I was generally more grumpy. I knew I need to do something, and especially as I was overeating, but I wasn’t in the best place mentally so ignored it.

Going to the gym isn’t my favourite. You can hear me audibly groaning before I’ve even worked out. But I know how important it is, and that I do feel much better afterwards. I really want to get a personal trainer at some point, so when I got a lovely email asking if I’d like to come along to Sound Mind and Body gym for a session, well, I took the chance.

Caroline was amazing. We had a good chat about what I wanted from a gym session and what I was interested in. Personally, I hate cardio but again know it benefits. The main issue is weights. I know to see amazing results I need to use them, but I also have no idea where to start. Caroline went through tons with me. She pointed out I have an imbalance in my hip (should have noticed as I always lean to one side), that my knees tend to collapse and that I need to lay off the sugar (tell me about it). In all honesty, I came out so interested in what I had learnt. If you can get to a PT session, and I do really like Sound Mind and Body gym as it’s dead small so less intimating, then I’d wholly go for it. It’s persuaded me that I need some more, especially as I progress and want to use weights.

Let me know how your fitness is going! I need encouragement.

chloe witty