Skincare Heroes for Combination Skin

My skin is always temperamental. I swear it always just knows as I’m about to do something important and just produces the biggest spots humanely imaginable. Saying that, I’ve got a few products which have become high ranking favourites very quickly and are ideal for my skin type.

Serozinc is one of the oldest standing products here. A zinc based toner which helps to clear up the skin. I haven’t been without it since it started being sold in Boots. Its a no-fills product – doesn’t smell of anything and feels light on the skin. If you’ve never tried it, it’s a total must. Another product I get from Boots, though I always wait for it to be discounted, it Hydraluron. This little tube packs a punch. I have days where my skin just feels tight and lacklustre. I add Hydraluron on as a serum before moisturiser and I find my product goes so much further. It helps to plump the skin, get back the hydrated feeling and fix the dry problem areas.

The Body Shop has been full of good skincare releases, but none have quite hit the mark like the Tea Tree Serum. It’s a great all over solution, rather than targeted, keeping spots at bay. I’m not going to hail a miracle product, but for those of us with areas of spots, you should try it. My skin feels so fresh after using it.

Other than The Body Shop, my other favourite skincare brand is Origins. I got a large sample of their Gin-Zing moisturiser which I totally fell in love with. It’s light, hydrating and give the skin a real boost. I’m always after a bit of a glow, so this is just ideal. I also love their Super Spot Remover for when there’s no escaping the spots. Sometimes they just pop up and ruin your life. This leaves a nice layer on top with a good lump of salacylic acid to get rid of any pesky blemish. It’s tiny but since it’s a targeted treatment its worth the money, it’ll last you forever.

My little skincare roundup – what are you loving at the moment?