Bloggers Made Me Do It

Since I’ve been around ye olde blogging for quite some time (this blog is almost 6 years old can you believe), I’ve been known to fall for a hype. Specifically, a beauty hype, though I’m sure I could do a whole other post on blogging fashion trends. My Disco Pants and Litas know of my bandwagon tendencies.

My beauty collection is still littered with previous hypes, so I thought I’d do a rundown of the products bloggers made me buy:

  • White eyeliner – To brighten up the eyes? Or just to make them redder every time I screwed up and prodded myself in the socket?
  • Makeup Forever – It was elusive before its official launch in Debenhams last year. I remember going to Paris and dragging Dan to Sephora to get something. Not a big fan of the HD powder, do still like the concealer.
  • MAC Lipsticks – Oh man, everyone still love a MAC lippie. But when I first started this blog I was obsessed. Back in Hull, we were somewhat limited on the old make-up counter front so moving up the Newcastle and seeing the vast option in Fenwicks meant I got a little spendy. MAC still makes good lipsticks, but I do think there is better! And they keep putting their prices up.
  • Revlon Matte Lipsticks – I owned so so many. They were like crack
  • NYX – Man NYX was another tricky lot of products to get hold of. They were nearly only sold in London so of course, this Northern girl needed her fix. I ended up ordering Taupe which is a great contour colour for pale skin. ┬áNow I can wander into Boots and fill up my basket, such an amazing brand!
  • Getting Makeup from America – Okay the next two products were ones I lusted after and still use. Tarte, still difficult to get in the UK, but we’ll slowly get there eh? Anyway, their Amazonian Clay Blushers ranked so highly for me. Every time I watched a US haul you could guarantee it’d feature one of these bad boys. And the same with the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as they had slightly more colours than we got. Dan and my parents were sick of their lives by the end of the trip!
chloe witty