Pixi Loving



Pixi Glow Tonic has been one of those products that has been in and out of my skincare regime ever since Caroline first spoke about it. I remember looking online on how to enquire about an order when they only sold in their London store. But now, and thankfully, they are sold in M&S, so purchasing is quite a bit easier.

So I’ve written my little ode, but what exactly is it? A mix of aloe, ginseng and botanical extracts all combined together with 5% glycolic acid to treat the skin and help renewal. I still think there is a bit of fear about acids in the non-blogging world, but honestly they are a staple in my skincare. If you don’t know how to start, Glow Tonic is excellent for your introduction to acids. It’s light, not too harsh, and helps to build up some tolerance so that, as you get older, you can begin to use stronger toners and help get to that lovely fresh skin. I use this a few nights a week, and I always feel so fresh after.

So, the big news was when Caroline herself was collaborating with Pixi to deliver a cleansing product. Well I was ready. Caroline is a champion of the double cleanse technique so I couldn’t help being super curious about how it would work. It’s simple, yet genius. On one side there is a solid cleansing balm, on the other is a cream cleanser. The solid balm melts off pretty much every scrap of makeup that I had on, including eyeliner and mascara, and the creme gives the last boost to the face to really make it feel plump and hydrated. For the price point, it is fantastic and has jumped into my main routine. It’s simple, non-offensive and easy to use. Go check it out!

What have you tried from Pixi? I think I need to get more.

chloe witty