Catch Up

Hello friends! I’ve been quiet the last few weeks on the ol’ blog and I feel like a ton has happened so let’s sit and talk about it all.

Can we discuss politics first? Let’s discuss politics. The general election floored me. I, as an ardent left-wing kind of gal, was expecting labour to lose. In the sense of the votes, I guess they did, but in fact, this felt like a massive win. Labour put together a stellar campaign trail and managed to secure the mass votes of the 18-25 age bracket. 72% of my age bracket voted, and whilst I’m in my last year of being in the section, I could not have been prouder. We changed the face of the election, and that’s not something we can downplay. When the exit polls came out I felt almost emotional; even earlier on that Thursday I had said to Dan, “I think we might take some seats from the Tories, but that’ll be it”. And we sure as hell did take seats. The next few months I think will be truly fascinating. The current “coalition” with the DUP could be the worst move for the Conservatives, but I’m hoping a change is on the horizon, because my God, we need it.

I think it’s almost impossible to write a post without mentioning the recent terror attacks. London, Manchester and across the globe more vile attacks in the name of violence have been occurring. It’s hard to say that you feel numb towards them, but the Manchester attack really got to me. I know this seems trivial, but they always happen in the South of England, so to have an act of violence against children in the North stunned me. It was a stark reminder that these terrorists are everywhere, and seeing the photos of all those who lost their lives broke my heart. Even more recently, the Grenfell Tower fire. This is where I feel angrier. Cutbacks and austerity caused that fire. This country is crippled with attempts to save money and in the meantime, hundreds of lives have been lost. I am still angry beyond words and heads will roll after this. We cannot keep hurting the poorest in our society.

Finally, a little bit of life update. I started my new job 3 months ago and I am so much happier. The difference it has made to my mental health has been phenomenal and I’m just loving it. I did get rejected from another part-time post recently, but it’s given me drive to learn more. I’m not an expert in my field, and I need to broaden my horizons, so I’ve decided to go back and volunteer to make sure that next year, I am the most employable I can be.

I’m in a really good place right now, and this weather sure is helping! Update me, it’s been a while!

chloe witty