Refreshing my Goals for Autumn






Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love summer, but something about the autumn time really appeals to me. Leaves falling from the trees, getting nice and cosy, and an excuse to crack out my Halloween clothing (yes that is a thing because I have pumpkin socks). Autumn also feels like a good time for a little refresh. I always get that “back to school vibe” – even thought I haven’t been to actual school in a long time. Autumn is a great time to look back at your goals, adjust, discard and revaluate ready to finish this year on a high.



Okay, so this year career has been nailed on the head. Back in January I wasn’t in a good place mentally about work, but since then I’ve moved posts twice and adored both jobs. I’ve only been in the new-new job for around a month and I’m really finding my feet. This year has seen some major changes and I’m thrilled with the position I’m at now. So instead of progression, I think it’s to just work hard and get everything I need out of the Assistant Psychologist post before moving onto my next one

PREVIOUS: Make career progression

NOW: Spend the rest of the year working my backside off to nail this post



So a goal I wanted to set in 2017 was to try new shops. An odd one yes, but I’m a creature of habit. I feel like that’s actually gone well. I have tried new shops, and realised why the ASOS/Topshop/River Island are always my go to. A brand isn’t needed to make me happy, but when a “treat yourself” moment arises, there’s no harm in going for a guaranteed hit.

PREVIOUS: Try new shops

NOW: Buy what makes you happy




Financially, I’m in a much better place. My old goals really remind me of that, especially when I’m saying to allow myself one thing a month. For now, Dan and I have started looking at houses (holy crap so adult) so from a financial side, this time period now involves heavy saving. Realistically, my goal for the end of the year is to put the holding fee down for an estate we’re really interested in. It’s something I didn’t think was possible any time soon, but it’s become a potential reality and it’s made me a little excited. Also, for the first time ever, I don’t want to be totally decimated after Christmas and birthday, so if I can prepare now, this year might not be so bad.

PREVIOUS: Treat yourself

NOW: Save, save hard.


Summer bods are made in autumn, or so I’m told. Fitness is something that’s really changed for me this year. I’ve finally found my thing, after years of struggling. Classes. Never thought I’d be the one who went wild for gym classes but here we are. I love circuits, boot camp and pump. I’m still trying to learn to love fat burn but it just isn’t happening. But seriously, it’s made so much of a difference and I feel like I’ve nailed a good routine. Food wise, Dan and I are now meal prepping on a Sunday so our food is totally sorted, along with breakfasts. We cook from fresh every night and both of us still feel so much better for the change. Right now, other than booking in some personal training time, I’m quite happy with how it’s all going, just need to avoid the snacks for a while.


NEW: Keep up where I’m at


I set myself no blog goals earlier on this year, but that’s why a good autumn review helps, because I think it isn’t a bad idea to set some. The main blog goal is to post 2 times a week. Something I can be good at, but also not to beat myself up if I don’t. I’m a full-time gal now and it can be really hard to manage time, but I think two odd posts aren’t out the question. My other goal is to hit 1k on my insta. I’ve grown by around 300 so far this year, and I’m slowly crawling towards the dream of 1k. Twitter hit that a while ago and I’ve found that it seems easier to gain followers on there, but insta can be so elusive. So I think it’s time to push myself on there again, as I’ve kinda dropped off, but I can bring it back!


NEW: Get to 1k on insta and post 2x weekly on the blog

So my autumn goal refresh is done! There’s something about doing this that has made me realise how much I’ve achieved this year, it’s actually quite surprising. Autumn/winter can really be hard on the old mental health, with the dark nights and mornings and the cold setting in, but this has helped to put all my thoughts together about where I want to go with the new few months. Autumn can be a hard one, but let’s make it the best we can.

How would you refresh your goals for autumn?