Musings, Thoughts and Rambles for 2018




Bloody hell, when did 2018 happen?

I'm coming atcha here with some deep autumn photos since that's currently all I've got, but since they are EXTRA pretty, I don't feel y'all will mind. On with the post...

I think I only posted the other day that I probably wasn't going to do a roundup post for 2017, but it turns out I'm a creature of habit so here we are!
Currently, life feels no different to 2017, but the beginning of the year always has an odd feeling for me. It's exciting, as there is so much potential, but also a bit nerve-wracking. With all that's happened in the last few years in the world, what on earth is 2018 going to bring?
2017 was mostly a good year for me personally. I've found myself moving into not one, but two jobs. Yes, that may seem a little mad, but it's been the way it's worked out and it's landed me in an ideal place for the future. It almost feels surreal looking back to where I was in January to now. The company I work for are a lovely bunch of people and I couldn't ask for anything more. It's a bizarre feeling, to actually enjoy your job. After so many years in retail, it still takes me by surprise that you can actually like working. Like, who knew?
I also published research this year for the first time (link here). I did it because I felt my masters' thesis was interesting, but actually, the feedback and the usefulness of having published research has really helped with future doctorate applications. The concept of going for the doctorate is still absolutely terrifying, but the idea of being Dr Witty is also too bloody tempting. That's on the back burner for now. 
Dan and I have also really begun to solidify our desire to buy a place. We've pretty much set our hearts (okay mostly mine) on a new build that's coming up soon in our area. I'm pestering the builders to ask for updates and what's going on as I really don't want to miss out on somewhere that would make us so happy, but I've also got to remember that we might not get what we want, and that's also okay. Regardless of whether or not we get the home, I'm definitely ready to buy somewhere. We've outgrown our flat after being here for coming up 4 years, and I want to stop paying someone else's mortgage. 
Blogging for 2017 has been good. Working full time now has meant the ability to post is more challenging, but I still love it and I don't plan on giving up anytime soon, so I'll just keep plodding along.
I also hit some good goals this year! I finally hit 1k on my main social media channels (Twitter and Insta if you're not already following 😉) which, whilst totally arbitrary, felt really blooming marvellous. I'd like to end up with 2k by the end of this year, so onward and upwards thank you!
My 2018 goals? Really, I don't have any. I could say drink more water and the like, but most of the things I need to work on are in my head (see twitter thread here). I'd like to go away somewhere where it's just me and Dan, as we didn't get a chance to last year.There are lots of things I'd love to do, but it's hard to put them all down when I have no idea what the year is going to bring.
Same old me? Probably. But that is fine
Hope you all had a good new year! Do you have any thoughts about the upcoming year?