Hi, hello and welcome to my blog. I’m glad you’ve stumbled across it and hope you decide to stay, and in a bid to persuade you, lemme tell you something about myself.

My name is Chloe, my birthday is on the 12th November and I really like to write down thoughts and feelings. This blog was primarily a beauty and fashion blog, which has now expanded into well, this. I talk about feelings, clothes and everything else in between. I began reading blogs back in early 2012 and decided to add my voice to the pile. I’ve found blogging a great way to express my interest in everything, and now it’s one of my longest standing hobbies. Except for dancing, man I did that for years.

I’m a masters graduate from Northumbria University with a degree in Psychology and a second degree in Research. I currently reside in Gateshead/Newcastle and live with my boyfriend, Dan. You’ll hear him mentioned often enough. I’m working my way up the psychology corporate ladder, with an eventual aim to be Dr Witty cause how great does that sound?

You’ll find me sarcastic and cynical, but that’s something I find hilarious. So, feel free to come join and read along! See you real soon