Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick

The Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks* are the new kids on the block in the Rouge Velvet range; a soft matte lip cream house in colour coded (my favourite) tubes. I always get worried about soft mattes, rather than the classic stiff retro mattes, sliding off my lips. These glide on like a dream, but settle down to a dreamy pigmented colour that can last for hours. It's not perfect, and definitely not as long lasting as a traditional matte (jeez how many times can I say that in one review?).

The bullet made me really curious about this launch. Would it's teardrop shape make that much of a difference compare to your bog standard everyday lipstick? Kind of - I found it really hugged my lip and colour applied really evenly. The tip was then sharp enough to apply colour into the crevasse of my mouth and made sure I didn't have any questionable gaps.

The shade range includes 12 colours, swatches below. It'd be easy to find a colour that is your new jam.

*PSA: in the swatches below I did have to edit my face in some of the darker lipstick shots. The purple, whilst a divine colour, slightly stained the side of my face so instead of giving you half purple face, I edited it. Hope you don't mind!*

01. Hey Nude

A nude with ever so slight peach undertones - think concealer lips but a little warmer. Not going to work on super dark skin tones or overly pale, so one that needs swatching before purchase

02. Flaming Rose

A cool toned rosy pink. If pink is your thang, this is really super pretty

03. Hyppink Chic

A darker shade of pink with a little bit of blue in there to make the ol' gnashers look whiter.

o4. Hip Hip Pink

Sticking with the blue toned pinks, this one is even darker than the previous, but is still totally wearable.

05. Brique-A-Brac

Still in the pinks here, but this with a more noticeable dusky rose. This is the kind of pink I like

06. Abrico' Dabrail

Now we're talking! This my kind of shade. A lovely orange coral with a little hint of nude. Really pretty.

07. Joli Carmin'ois

Probably my favourite of the bunch. A punchy orange-red that looks absolutely scrumptious on the lips. My camera just doesn't do it justice

08. Rubi's Cute

Your most traditional red of the bunch. Pillarbox. It's showing up with a hint of purple here and I'm not sure why as to me, it's a red red. Think Ruby Woo

09. Fuchsia Botte

A real proper blue toned bright pink. A proper standout lip

10. Magni-Fig

I imagine berry lips will be back in again this year - and we have our contender from this range. A lovely rich purple shade.

10. Berry Formidable

This is a gorgeous dark red which will take you perfectly into winter. A slight hint of a purple tones makes it really flattering on pale skin.

12. Brunette

A red-brown. This will look banging on your darker skin tones.

Hope that helped you make a decision if you were curious about the shade range! I'm not always the best at describing colours so do make sure you go swatch the whole range.

What colour is your standout?