Buying Your Ideal Home Furniture

This feels like the title of a sponsored post, but alas, it is not. Buying home furniture is hard, and expensive. When I first moved into halls I loved making the place look a little more “me”. Little touches here and there. But now, Dan and I rent a flat that came with no furniture which was both exciting and daunting. We came up with one issue almost immediately; you can’t get the furniture you want straight away. But over 2 years in I thought I’d share my tips with you all on how we did get the furniture we really wanted.

  1. The biggest point – it takes time. We had the worst sofa when we moved in. Got it off Gumtree for super cheap as we just needed something. Cue us around 8 months later with bad backs because all the padding had been destroyed. Luckily by this point we were well settled so ready to order a more pricey sofa – we couldn’t have done that when we moved it. Take it nice and slowww. Buy cheap and then slowly replace.
  2. SALES – Oh dear lord I love sales. Well, online sales mostly, but I’ve got my best bargain of all time in a sale. Check if items go into clearance – John Lewis is the best for this – or if you get codes for getting people to join websites, like MADE. Saving any money is fantastic, but make sure it’s on something you want. I had my eye on a media unit from John Lewis for months, but since it was nearing £800 I didn’t even think I’d get it. Popped into our local store and it had gone into clearance with £400 off it. Seriously. Its now pride of place in my living room and I love it.
  3. IKEA reigns king – Some people have real shade towards IKEA, and I don’t know why. I agree that some of its low-end products do look cheap, and are a staple of all student housing, but when you are able to spend that little bit extra on furniture, they have some really amazing stuff.
  4. Pinterest/Instagram – in short, manage your expectations. Social media makes you feel that it so easy to get a bright white home with amazing floor boards and if you don’t, well, there’s no point. I mean, I can’t wait to get rid of magnolia walls, but don’t expect the dream in an instant.
  5. Check Gumtree/Used furniture stores – Some of the best bargains come second hand. Never feel embarrassed if your stuff isn’t new, building your collections and knowing what you want is essential.

So there are my lil tips for buying furniture! Do you have any?

chloe witty