Why Being Compassionate Doesn’t Hinder Online Growth

We are self-obsessed. Don't try and deny it. We are.

Right, now I've got the opening sentence out of the way, lets talking growing on social media. For the longest time, I didn't grow on any platform *insert tiny violin*. I've been in the blogging game 6 years, and some of those that started with me have gone on to wild success. At first, I envied them - what did they have that I didn't? Maybe it was the camera? The hair? The photographer boyfriend? Growing a following was and still is, hard.

I slip into the bad habit of being a lurker. I am constantly browsing Twitter and Instagram, but often actively forget to like things. How often do we wish photos got better engagement, but yet we don't leave meaningful comments on others. We don't follow new accounts so that we don't look like bots, but then why would others want to follow back? I share posts on Twitter hoping for retweets and engagement, yet never engage myself.

I'm going to try harder to change that.

No act of compassion, no matter how small, is ever wasted - Aesop

We're self-obsessed - and in a bid to make sure that our posts are read, and our photos are liked and our successes are at the forefront of people's mind, we forget to help others on the way up. Sharing content doesn't dampen our own and since I've put more into saying to people what I like (again still self-absorbed, but hear me out), I have felt more involved with the community again.

Saying you love someone's work is no new type of kindness. It'll remind you why you started blogging. Community. It's underrated, truly. Our community has its problems, but remembering to cheer for those as they have success shouldn't be one of them.

So without further ado, here are some blog posts, tweets and insta's that have inspired me recently:

Millie Ryan

Content of Note: Letting The One That Got Away, Go.

Millie knows how to hit me right in the feels. Her story of the boy she thought was her forever broke my heart and resonated with me so well. It's honestly so amazingly written, like all of Millie's content, and reminds me how fantastic she is a writer. I urge you to go read!

Queen Beady

Content of Note: Her dreamy insta feed

Bee's insta feed is utterly gorgeous. Dark, moody and everything I aspire mine to be. She curates the most gorgeous content and is inching closer to the fabled 10k. I'd highly recommend heading over to follow to get inspiration galore and remind you that white isn't the key to a successful feed.

Joseph Burrows

Content of Note:  On being my own worst enemy

Joe's writing is utterly relatable on every level. I absolutely relate to his posts, especially those about leaning more on the negative side of thoughts. I too am a negative Nancy, but we both own it. I love reading about his music taste, and this totally isn't biased, but he did give me an excellent list of new tracks to add to my ex-angry emo playlist. Go follow!

Shona Louise

Content of Note: Her twitter feed

Shona is a disability and lifestyle blogger hailing from my own home city of Hull. Shona reminds me daily how much still needs to change to provide equal opportunities to those with long-term health conditions. Even working within the sector, there's so much I forget, being able-bodied. Shona reminds me constantly how I can improve and spread awareness of the issues faced by disabilities, and I really thank her for that.

This is entry three for The Blog Race as hosted by Vix and Laila. If you don't know what I'm going on about - read this post here. 

What're your thoughts on this? I'd love to hear it!