Dark Florals





Through and through, I am a dark florals girl. You can put aside your spring florals (groundbreaking) and give me dark any day of the week. I love the look of managing to look that little bit girly, yet with the grunge vibe that I need to feel like me. The sleeves, however, are something else. Did anyone else seem to miss the memo that big sleeves are in? I feel like it hit my insta feed like a ton of bricks one day and now here we are, with all aspects of clothes having a slightly flamboyant edge.

Taking these photos was actually pretty funny. I had no idea how to show off the sleeves. So many out-takes just involve me asking Helen if I look like a twat. I probably did, but realistically what is fashion blogging without looking like a total arse at times eh?

Hope you’re having a good day! I feel like I’m finally getting into the swing of things with the new job, and I am enjoying it – relief!

chloe witty