A Guide to Scheduling Tweets

I am the worst for scheduling tweets. Like honestly the worst. I find the whole process dull and uninviting. But since the fall of platforms like Bloglovin, and the rise of all things social media I know its absolutely essential. This week I totally forgot to schedule and I can totally tell. So, a guide to scheduling tweets from a girl who hates doing them.

To Start…

First of all, I use the platform Buffer to schedule all my tweets. I pay for the awesome plan you can add up to 100 posts (vs 10 in regular), add 10 social media profiles, view the calendar and schedule pins, should you be so inclined. It costs $10 a month, so somewhere around £10 as you get charged for non-standard fees etc. On the calendar view, I have the times set up when I like to post. For me, that’s every 2 hours between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm.

The Prepping Process

The next step takes some more serious organisation, but I think is the total key to getting scheduled tweets done. I create a spreadsheet in Google Drive and start by writing down all the posts I need to share on social media. I have mine broken up into tabs across the bottom, which are labelled as blank, pre-2017 content, and then by month. I label up each blog post, give it its bit.ly link and write five alternative tweets for each post.

Setting this up took hours. I can now quickly whizz though the calendar and add in all my content and it takes about 45 minutes, when I remember to do it. This way I find I keep sharing old content, and I’m able to plan a lot more thoroughly.  On blank tweets, I keep instagram sharing tweets, some misc blank tweets, relevant hashtags and brands twitter accounts. I’m all about the easy life.

So there we have it, my mini guide for scheduling tweets! Got any more tips to make it quicker? I’m all about the speed scheduling.

chloe witty