Home Wishlist

Dan and I have got to the point where there is very little we need to buy for out flat now, save the whites. Mostly, that is pretty exciting, but there are still a few things that I’m really dying to get which will really just improve out home that little bit more.

Our last big purchase, per se, is the DFS x FCUK sofa which is in the middle here. We already have the 4 seater which I adore and, after owning it for over 6 months, could not recommend it enough. We want to get the matching cuddler sofa before they get discontinued. If you’re wanting stylish sofas that you’re willing to invest in, go look at the full range, they are wonderful. I also want to get the H&M palm leaf cushions just to bring some colour into the room, and I love how green and grey looks together.

I’m also wanting to buy some more lighting for the flat, as that’s one of the places where we got a lot of hand-me-downs when we first set up. Our current bedside lamps are really not my style, so I really want these made.com Starkey Lamps in Black with the cool exposed bulb. I think it’ll open up more space and look a lot better than our current lamps. The other lamp is again from made.com and is the Austin Floor Lamp in Copper. We have an IKEA mother and child lamp next to the sofa, and I’m wanting something that looks sleeker, which I feel this lamp really is. I also like the idea of it having multiple heads so I can light the room easier. Until I can finally escape horrible cheap pendant ceiling lights, this will be the dream.

The copper baskets from Habitat have become a more than just a desire. I really want them for my bathroom storage to make flannels look pretty because flannels are not pretty. I love John Lewis bedding, and this pretty slate grey and white combination are perfect. I love the fact is reversible so it can also be white is the dream here guys. Finally cacti/more plants in general.

Wow, lots of text here. Enjoy.

chloe witty