I’m a Type Six

I’ve seen the Enneagram test floating around recently and decided that it was prime time to do some personality testing. Coming from a psychology background, I normally get a good laugh from personality tests. Is reputable? Is it consistent? How was it developed? The list goes on. But sometimes I do enjoy taking part in them, solely for a laugh, or some time to have a bit of realisation. They can be an interesting outward perspective.

I got Type Six. A person conflicted between trust and distrust. My qualities: I’m insecure, suffer from fear and anxiety, I’m defensive, overly loyal and suspicious. How delightful.

I know of the Barnum Effect, so when I began reading I was like yeah yeah sure I am. But I dipped into the other types and was surprised to say, well, they weren’t much like me at all, and six spoke to me the most. I struggle with a lot of internal conflicts, I am multitudes according to my type list;┬ástrong and weak, fearful and courageous, trusting and distrusting, defenders and provokers, sweet and sour, aggressive and passive, bullies and weaklings, on the defensive and on the offensive, thinkers and doers, group people and soloists, believers and doubters, cooperative and obstructionist, tender and mean, generous and petty.

One of the central issues with six’s is our inability to make a decision. My basic fear, according to the Enneagram, is to be without support and guidance. Which is true. I like having back up and worry that my decisions aren’t correct or could end up with a bad outcome. I don’t like making new decisions on my own, especially in situations where I am unused to being in. It’s something I’m trying to work on the long term – I know to work in career choice I have to put forward a plan.

I also have a tendency to stick with relationships long after I should have severed ties. This has been apparent countless times in my history. A toxic or one-sided friendship that has been going on for far too long; I struggle to let go of it as I invested my time and energy. As I’ve got older, I know where to draw the line and stop the damage before it goes too far. Friendships and relationships are a two-way path, learning this was the key to functioning friends.

I do love a good old personality test. If you’ve done this let me know as I’d love to know what you got. My full type was a 6 wing 5.

chloe witty