Loyalty Card Problems



Dan has been on a mission to find life efficient apps. We’ve already discovered SplitWise which is great for tracking food shops etc and that in Work Chat, which is a feature in EverNote, we can create an up-to-date shopping list. The newest one which he showed me was StoCard, which is literally the most exciting app to date.

Since most of us congregate on here to discuss beauty and fashion, I would also like to hazard a guess that most of you have a ton of rewards cards for different places. I am more likely to go by a new NARS lipstick from Space NK to collect my points than John Lewis where I can’t get any. But, this also means my purse is packed to the brim with excess plastic crap and when I get to the till I can never find the card I want. StoCard scans any loyalty card with a barcode and adds it to the app. All I have to do is hand over my phone on the till, and they scan it. Actually genius.

Now I know a bunch of my pals who work in retail will say “but Chloe, whenever we scan barcodes off phones they never work!”. Fear not, because I’ve noticed that StoCard actually punches up the brightness so that it’s easier to scan. I messaged one of my friends who, only a few days prior, sent me a photo of around 40 loyalty cards she had found in her bag, about this app and I’ve never got a series of so many excited texts.

This isn’t sponsored or in collaboration with the brand. I actually think this is just ingenious and more people need to know about it. Have you ever used StoCard?

chloe witty