Modern Psychology


How many times do we hear people saying “oh I’m so OCD about cleaning?”, “that person is a psycho” and “I’m so depressed right now”. In our real life and online conversations, we tend to hyperbole our emotions, to make them seem funny and somewhat outlandish. But people every day suffer from mental health problems and various forms of mental illnesses, yet we make them cute, and try to find a way to make them relatable.

Psychology, and it’s surrounding topics, are creeping into popular culture more and more. There are films based on split personality, psychopaths and a whole host of other behaviours, yet very few of them portray an accurate person with mental health problems.

Some of you know, I’ve done two degrees in psychology. This doesn’t make me a world-renowned expert, but I do have some knowledge on these topics. I want to introduce a new series on the blog, an area to present information relevant to mental health as a platform for other people to understand different illness as what they are, and not as the butt of a joke.

I’m going to start off with anxiety, as I feel this topic is everywhere right now. I have a list as long as my arm of topics I want to discuss, but I’m open to suggestions. Let me know!

chloe witty