Photo Diary: Capopino

We are really lucky that Dan’s parents have moved out to Spain, which means a nice couple of holidays a year for very cheap. We haven’t been since they bought their caravan so took a trip out in February. Next time I need to remember that, even though it’s Spain, it’s still ruddy February. I didn’t even bring a cardigan. Oops!

I thought I’d share a few pretty shots from the trip – the area is totally stunning and there’s so much to do. We’ll be going out again later this year but I definitely need to work on fitness for then. Dan’s mum has us walking everywhere! Up the sides of mountains, boardwalks, you name it she’ll walk it.

The first day or so we we’re getting the scope of the area. Went and walked down near the port, dreamt of owning a boat then realised I get sea sick in a pedalo so put that off to one side. We also planned on doing the mountain walk, but when we got up there, it turned out there had been a landslide days before so it was still getting cleared up. There was still some amazing views when we were up there, but it’s meant to get even better on the proper walk. Saving that for October.

The area is so vibrant and colourful – and there are parakeets in the trees! Couldn’t believe how many there were and they were so cute. They had begun nesting so they were breaking the branches off the trees and taking it to the bigger trees. Really fascinating to watch. We then headed up another mountain, but this time in the safety of a cable car. This is where I had totally under-dressed. When we got to the top it was only 10 degrees. Guess which idiot wore shorts? Me. I did. It was freezing! Whilst we were there we saw a falconry show which was really interesting.

The final days were spent petting most of the dogs in the caravan park. There are so many and it is the best thing. So many good boys. We went on a tapas trail the day before we flew home and tried a bunch of local food. You’d think with tapas you wouldn’t be full but I was stuffed. And then we came home. There’s still so much to do so I’m pretty excited to head back later on. Then it might be actual warm and I can crack out the shorts.

chloe witty