The Sofa of Dreams


 When Dan and I moved into the flat, it came only partly furnished. Que us spending a lot of time on gumtree/eBay to find cheap sofas. The one we purchased wasn’t great, but only cost us a grand total of £75 – sold it for £30 too – and it served its purpose. But after around 10 months of owning it, the padding was pretty much non-existent and we just wanted something that we looked forward to sitting on.

After a long weekend of looking at sofas, we settled on this one from DFS. Dan and I were kind of split when looking for sofas. He wanted the comfy ones, and I wanted to go stylish. This sofa came on our “short list” and after a second viewing, and laying on the display sofa, we decided that this was our one. It’s a mid-century modern design, with a bit of a retro feel to it. It has super comfy cushions – which are included in the full price – rounded seats and angled arms. I adore it. It is unbelievably comfy and fits in our moderately sized flat really well. It just has such clean lines; we couldn’t have picked a more perfect sofa. Dan and I said even if we had unlimited money, we probably still would have gone for this one.

Getting a new sofa is kind of stressful, though. Delivery took about 8 weeks, which is so painful when you just want it there and then. Because it was much bigger than our other sofa, I was worried about it fitting into the flat, but it got in fine. I can’t wait until we actually get a place where I can decorate – I’m kind of over magnolia walls!

What do you think of our dreamy sofa?

chloe witty