Finding My Outfit Mojo (Again)




After many years in this blogging game. I think I've finally found my ~style~ when it comes to outfit photos. Well, and just photos in general as I know what I like.

Pose wise, I've learnt movement is key. Standing still does nothing for your outfit. Swish, walk and even just moving forwards and backwards provides that. And don't care about people watching you, they'll remember this for only seconds of their day. Some will even pose with you!

I've also learnt not to care about how my face looks all the time. I used to eliminate photos because they showed a partly unflattering angle of me. Who cares?? If you ever meet me, I like to think I actually do look like how I present myself, you know, when I do have a good makeup day. My teeth are always going to be exposed because that's the way my jaw sits, even after years of braces, and I'm okay with that.

I really love rich colour. Yes, I'm a total cliche at times, but colour for me now reigns king. When I edit photos, I always make sure that colours look bold and clear. If you care to know, I like outfit photos to be slightly warm in tone. Beauty posts tend to be cooler, just to show off true colours. Find what you like photos wise and run with it, don't think you have to stick a pink hue on everything to get likes (lol).

I'm also in the process of a style revival, which I reckon can probably get its own post pretty soon. For me, this has made outfit shooting so much more enjoyable. Vain, I know, but I mean I'm legit prancing down a street so ya know, choices.

Outfit photos are my favourite to shoot, and possibly always the most well received, so here is my mini essay on how I shoot and edit them. I hope you've taken notes as there will be a test next week. Now back to normally scheduled content where I sound less of a dick.

ps, if you get this dress only handwash it, the straps break easily